7 Text-to-Give Platforms: Boost Funds at Fundraising Events

Here at Fonteva we are all about making event management more simple and profitable. Whether you’re a large or small corporation, organization, or university, we’re always on the lookout for trends to make your events stand a cut above the rest.

Recently, we’ve noticed a growing trend in the nonprofit industry that utilizes text-to-give services to encourage guests to donate during the event.

Why is this growing trend so popular?

For starters, event attendees are likely to have their phones with them and would be more comfortable giving on a device they use regularly. Furthermore, text giving can be completed in 2-3 steps, making it a quick and convenient donation process.

If you’re interested in using text-to-give at your next fundraiser, we compiled a list of the top 7 platforms to get you started:

  1. Snowball
  2. Handbid
  3. OneCause
  4. myPLEDGER
  5. Activistic
  6. CallHub
  7. Subsplash

For each provider, we’ll dive deeper into how these tools work as well as let you know if each tool can integrate with Salesforce.

Let’s get started with our top recommended platforms!

Top Text-to-Give Platforms

1. Snowball — Best Text-to-Give Platform

Text-to-Donate Overview

Organizations of all shapes and sizes can use Snowball’s (formerly @Pay) text to give service to provide donors with a simple way to give. Whether you’re hosting a live event or just want to start a text-to-give campaign, Snowball makes the process quick and easy.

Snowball uses a 2-step process to accept donations. Donors simply have to text their donations to your nonprofit’s text-to-donate number and follow the link to a pre-written email with the details of their donation. Sending the email confirms their gifts.

With @Pay's text-to-give tool, donors can text the amount the want to give to start the donation process.

If this is the first time a donor has contributed via text message, that individual will fill out a form with payment and contact information, but for future donations, that won’t be necessary! Their pledge donation tools streamline the process even further and can be completed much faster than traditional donation methods.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

Snowball is a leading text-to-give provider that places a high emphasis on security. As we mentioned before, payment authentication is completed through a donor’s email account. That way, donors don’t have to create or remember a password and are less likely to have their accounts compromised by a hacker.

In addition to Snowball’s text-to-give tool, this provider also has online donation software, fundraising event thermometers, and so much more to help organizations reach their goals.

Salesforce Integration?

Yes! Snowball offers a seamless Salesforce integration, which means all the information you capture from your text-to-give platform will automatically be transferred to your CRM.

 2. Handbid — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Fundraising Events

Text-to-Donate Overview

Handbid’s suite of fundraising tools includes its online auction, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, and live-streaming tools in addition to its text-to-give service. Using Handbid’s auction tools, your nonprofit can run in-person, hybrid, and online auctions all on one platform. Guests can browse items, make bids, and receive notifications to keep them engaged throughout the entire event. 

All of Handbid’s features help elevate your event’s engagement to the next level. During your auction, your nonprofit can live-stream to stay in touch with guests and share your text-to-give number to drive donations from supporters who are already on their phones. 

With Handbid's text-to-give platform, donors just need to text a key word to be directed to your donation page.From Handbid's text-to-give donation page, donors can select their amount, input their information, and choose their payment method.













Handbid provides everything you need to create standout fundraising events. Access event management tools such as registration, ticketing, and automated check-in support, keeping all of your event information on one easy-to-use platform.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

Handbid’s mobile giving platform is designed to quickly capture donations and improve donor engagement. Its streamlined text-to-give process starts by texting a keyword, such as GIVE, to a 6 digit phone number. Handbid will respond with your custom response message. You can include dynamic data such as your org name, event URL, registration URL, or a link directly to your donation page without sacrificing customizability. Donors can easily select their donation amount and checkout with Apple Pay or Google wallet. 

In addition, Handbid’s gamification features provide additional incentives for supporters to donate during live events. This helps build a sense of momentum amongst supporters, further driving them to hit your event’s fundraising goal. Hosts and auctioneers can then recognize the donors during the event to highlight participation. 

Salesforce Integration?

No, unfortunately, Handbid does not integrate with Salesforce. However, Handbid’s mobile bidding app, event registration features, and peer-to-peer and crowdfunding tools are fully integrated with each other and can connect to other leading software.


3. OneCause — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Fundraising Events

Text-to-Donate Overview

OneCause is a leading nonprofit software provider that offers charity auction software as well as a text-to-give platform. Their goal is to help donors raise more money at fundraising events, and one of the best ways to engage donors is through text messages.

Text2Give from OneCause makes it easy for nonprofits to accept donations and reach out to donors. If donors want to contribute, they just have to text your keyword to your nonprofit’s shortcode. They’ll be directed to your mobile donation form where they can complete their gift.

When donors give with BidPal's text-to-give platform, they'll be directed to a mobile donation form.

Additionally, if you’re planning a silent auction, OneCause also offers their unique BidPal mobile bidding technology to allow guests to make bids directly on their mobile devices.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

As we mentioned earlier, fundraising events are one of the most effective instances to promote text giving, and using a tool that integrates with event software provides a seamless experience.

What’s more, OneCause has years of experience creating tools for fundraising events so you can rest assured knowing that these tools will perform well with any fundraiser you decide to host.

Salesforce Integration?

Yes! OneCause has a Salesforce application that’s available for free. The app allows you to transfer donor data to and from Salesforce. Plus, you can easily import the data to an existing contact or create new profiles.

Other Recommended Text-to-Give Platforms

4. MyPLEDGER — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Colleges and Universities

Text-to-Donate Overview

MyPLEDGER is a mobile pledging tool that allows organizations to receive donations and send text messages. The platform was specifically created as a solution for universities and colleges, but any nonprofit can use their services.

Some of their features include:

  • Automated text messaging.
  • Customized mobile donation forms.
  • Donor data tracking.

Donors are able to pledge using their phones without any restrictions on donation amount or service provider. 

MyPLEDGER is a secure text-to-give platform that's simple to use.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

MyPLEDGER is a text-to-give tool that has no restrictions. Organizations can receive any amount of pledges and donations aren’t capped at a certain amount.

Additionally, MyPLEDGER offers other tools to help smaller organizations manage their online fundraising efforts. 

Salesforce Integration?

No. MyPLEDGER does not integrate with Salesforce. However, you are able to export information you collect that can then be manually imported in your CRM.

5. Activistic — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Creating Mobile Apps

Text-to-Donate Overview

While not technically a text-to-give platform, Activistic makes mobile donations easy by creating custom mobile apps for nonprofits.

To give a micro donation, donors have to download your application and the rest of the process works similar to a mobile donation form. 

The only difference is that donors don’t have to register with a credit card; instead, donations are added to the supporter’s phone bill.

With Activistic, organizations can design their own custom application for text-to-give donations.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

Generally, creating a mobile app can take months (if not years) to develop. Activistic, however, has created a process that can create your application in just two months.

The team at Activistic will also lead you through the process of app store approvals, beta testing, and promotion.

Salesforce Integration?

No. Unfortunately, Activistic doesn’t directly integrate with Salesforce.

5. CallHub — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Campaigns

Text-to-Donate Overview

CallHub is a text-to-give platform that allows you to send out text messages to your donors. With CallHub’s features, your organization will be able to: 

  • Allow donors to sign up for campaigns via text message.
  • Set up automatic replies.
  • Collect key information on donors, including name, email address, and phone number.

Once donors opt into your text message campaign, they’ll be directed to your mobile donation form where they can contribute.

Donors can sign up for campaign updates with CallHub's text giving tool.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

CallHub is focused on helping organizations improve their donor outreach. Their text-to-give tools encourage donors to engage and stay up-to-date on your campaign’s progress.

Plus, CallHub doesn’t charge any monthly or annual fees; nonprofits will only pay $0.016 per outbound message and $0.012 for inbound messages.

Salesforce Integration?

Yes! CallHub integrates with Salesforce so your organization can send text messages for your Salesforce campaigns and keep your donor information in a central location.

7. Subsplash — Best Text-to-Give Platform for Churches

Text-to-Donate Overview

Subsplash has a whole suite of giving tools which include their text-to-tithe platform. Donors can donate by texting a unique phrase to your organization’s text-to-give number. They will receive a reply with a link to your donation page.

The tools at Subsplash are specifically made to help churches raise money and track their fundraising performance, but other organizations like colleges and universities can use their platform. 

Subspash's text-to-give platform comes with a whole suite of other online fundraising tools.

Why This Text Giving Platform Made The List

Because Subsplash caters specifically to churches, their platform is well equipped to meet all of your organization’s needs.

In addition to their text-to-give tool, this software provider also offers online donation forms, mobile apps, and so much more to help you raise funds successfully. 

Salesforce Integration?

No. Subsplash doesn’t have a Salesforce integration, but you can learn more migrating data between your fundraising tools on the website.

With so many different text-to-give providers, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. Hopefully, our list of recommended providers has encouraged you to incorporate text-to-give into your fundraisers as well as narrow down your options.

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