These are the top 7 Salesforce consulting partners your business or nonprofit can use to improve your operations.

Top 7 Salesforce Consulting Partners for a Smarter Strategy

Salesforce is one of the most versatile, expansive CRM platforms on the market. Instead of attempting to implement, configure, and learn how to navigate this software on their own, strategic organizations seek the help of a qualified Salesforce consulting partner. 

There are a wide array of trusted Salesforce consultants available to assist your business with all aspects of this powerful technology solution, so it can be difficult to narrow down the field to find the right partner for you.

In this post, we’ll walk through a short list of some of the top Salesforce consulting firms out there, each with their own specialties and strengths:

  1. DNL OmniMedia
  2. Technomile
  3. Get Efficient
  4. Sierra-Cedar
  5. Nexell
  6. Morphate
  7. Informz

If you’re ready to find the right partner to help you get the most from your Salesforce CRM, keep reading!

DNL OmniMedia is the top Salesforce consulting partner for nonprofits.

1. DNL OmniMedia

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

DNL OmniMedia is a trusted Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner delivering end-to-end solutions specifically designed for nonprofits.

Because every organization uses Salesforce in a different way, Team DNL takes a proven client-focused approach to each project. They’ll work with you to establish strategic objectives and develop a Salesforce strategy that can help you achieve them, whether you need a way to boost fundraising, streamline operations, or engage supporters.

The best part? DNL OmniMedia’s expertise doesn’t stop at Salesforce. Their team understands nonprofit technology inside and out and can work with you to integrate or customize any number of software solutions based on your unique needs and goals.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

DNL OmniMedia understands that a holistic nonprofit technology strategy doesn’t stop at Salesforce implementation. They offer a wide range of consulting services, including:

  • Data analysis and migration.
  • Salesforce strategy and configuration.
  • Nonprofit website development.
  • Digital marketing services.

With Team DNL’s help, you don’t have to sacrifice success in any area — you can use technology to meet all of your needs across the board!

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You’re a nonprofit organization in need of a completely customized solution for your Salesforce system (and a top-notch strategy to match).

Check out the Salesforce consulting team at DNL OmniMedia.
Technomile is a top Salesforce consulting partner.

2. Technomile

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

The Technomile consulting team seeks to give your business a greater return on your Salesforce investment by helping you use the platform in the most effective way.

Technomile focuses on building a connected enterprise through strategic integrations and platform development. By providing you access to the tools you need to centralize all aspects of your operations, you’ll be able to run your programs more efficiently and see greater results overall.

But don’t worry—Technomile won’t build you a system and then leave you to figure it out alone. Since integrations can be complicated, their consultants will help you develop database best practices that can empower you for long-term success in all departments.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Technomile offers a host of Saleforce services, including:

  • Integrations.
  • Data migration.
  • Custom apps built on the platform.
  • Mobile Salesforce solutions.

On top of their Salesforce consulting services, Technomile also provides innovative products, such as their eCommerce automation solution, ForceGento.

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You need help centralizing data and operations across multiple platforms and departments into your Salesforce system.

See how Technomile's Salesforce consultants can help you.
Get Efficient is a Salesforce consulting partner focused on streamlining operations for nonprofits and associations.

3. Get Efficient

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

As their name would suggest, it’s Get Efficient’s mission to help associations and nonprofits ditch the inefficiencies in favor of a streamlined, productive strategy. Their Salesforce consulting services can help!

With 100% of their staff coming from nonprofit backgrounds, Get Efficient works exclusively with charitable and membership organizations.

The Get Efficient team understands how challenging it can be to balance all of the ongoing projects, fundraising campaigns, and donor management efforts, so they’ll help you create smarter plans for managing time and resources in an efficient way.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Get Efficient has experience in almost every aspect of nonprofit management, but their Salesforce specialties include:

Get Efficient ensures each of their clients is paired with an experienced consultant who can truly be their Salesforce partner long-term. Their ongoing services can manage your software for you, or work to teach you how to administer their solutions on your own.

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You need insight into using Salesforce to manage your association or nonprofit membership organization.

Learn why the Salesforce consulting partner Get Efficient is perfect for nonprofits and associations.
Sierra-Cedar is a top Salesforce consulting partner with a wide range of implementation and configuration services.

4. Sierra-Cedar

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

As a Premium Salesforce Partner, Sierra-Cedar provides consulting services specifically tailored to higher education institutions.

In order to create a truly connected campus, Sierra-Cedar can help colleges and universities by integrating multiple platforms and developing custom Salesforce for Higher Education solutions. They leverage marketing, analytics, advancement, and much more to deliver a robust platform that streamlines all of your processes.

Sierra-Cedar will work with you to understand your institution’s most pressing goals and find innovative ways to reach them using technology.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Sierra-Cedar has expertise using Salesforce to manage and enahnce all of the following higher education areas:

  • Recruitment and admissions.
  • Student services and retention.
  • Development.
  • Corporate and community relations.

No matter how ambitious and far-reaching your goals are, Sierra Cedar can help you get there by bringing all of the facets of your institution together in one Salesforce system.

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You’re a higher education institution relying on Salesforce to bridge a variety of departmental focuses and goals.

Find out if the Salesforce consulting partner Sierra-Cedar is the right choice for your university.
Nexell offers Salesforce consulting services for organizations of all sizes.

5. Nexell

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

A Cloud Alliance Partner, Nexell has been providing CRM solutions for Salesforce users for almost 20 years. Their team is highly experienced in helping organizations of all sizes utilize the Salesforce platform for maximum success.

Depending on your technology strategy, Nexell can help you develop a custom implementation plan using their CRM FastTrack or CRM ProServices. With FastTrack, you can be up and running with your CRM in as little as two days, with ongoing support and customization provided following launch.

Plus, the Nexell consultants can stay on board to help educate your team on all of the facets of Salesforce through their wide range of educational services.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Nexell offers strategic CRM consulting services with special focuses in all of the following areas:

  • Salesforce setup and configuration
  • Data management
  • Third party systems integrations
  • Salesforce support and administration

On top of their Salesforce solutions, Nexell also offers website design consulting and development.

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You’re interested in a simple implementation that can be fast-tracked thanks to Nexell’s unique consulting approach.

Check out Nexell for your Salesforce consulting needs.
Morphate offers nonprofit Salesforce consulting services.

6. Morphate

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

Morphate helps nonprofits and associations with inefficient or outdated Salesforce processes upgrade their CRM strategy.

After reviewing your current setup, Morphate consultants can recommend Salesforce solutions to take your constituent relationship management tactics to the next level. Then, they’ll work with you to configure your platform, implement new software, or build out custom functions or integrations.

No matter what type or size of project you’re undertaking, from trying a new style of programming to a large-scale annual fund drive, Morphate will make sure that you have resources on hand to keep your organization on track. Their team will be available and fully transparent through every step of the process!

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Morphate offers Salesforce consulting that’s tailored to nonprofits and associations. They can help these organizations improve their processes in:

  • Fundraising and donor management
  • Member and volunteer management
  • Marketing automation
  • Salesforce integrations

Essentially, Morphate can help you take an inflexible or generic Salesforce system and turn it into a solution that’s better suited to your nonprofit needs!

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

Your nonprofit or association wants to enhance an existing Salesforce platform and improve outdated technology processes.

Learn more about the Salesforce consulting partners at Morphate.
Informz offers strategic marketing plans for organizations and businesses using Salesforce.

7. Informz

Salesforce Consulting Partner Overview

In addition to their email marketing and marketing automation software, Informz offers best-in-class consulting services to any organization looking to improve their digital marketing approach.

And because the Informz products can work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, their team knows exactly how to increase your revenue and productivity through automated Salesforce marketing!

Informz can guide you through each step of the process, from integrating their tools with Salesforce to implementation, strategy, and beyond.

Key Services of this Salesforce Consulting Firm

Informz specializes in email marketing and automation, so their consulting services are targeted toward those areas. Their marketing consulting process includes all of the following:

  • Developing personas based on your audience.
  • Creating and mapping content based on audience needs.
  • Automating and testing email campaign workflows.
  • Measuring email marketing campaign success.

Their “Informz Way” process has been refined to provide the best experience for your team as well as your customers, so you can trust that the program works.

Try This Salesforce Consulting Partner If…

You’re in the market for a targeted strategy for your Salesforce email marketing tactics.

Discover how the Salesforce consulting partner Informz can optimize your marketing strategy.

No matter which Salesforce consulting firm you choose to help you implement or improve your CRM system, you’re sure to see an impact on your organization’s technology approach by partnering with an expert.

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