These are the best Salesforce apps to implement as part of your CRM system.

As many organizations and businesses know, Salesforce can just about do it all. While its core feature set is powerful in and of itself, with the best Salesforce apps on your side, you can extend the functionality of your CRM in amazing (and even surprising!) ways.

That said, we know that the Salesforce AppExchange is a crowded marketplace, and it can be tough to separate the great apps from the just okay ones. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the most game-changing Salesforce apps out there, including:

  1. Fonteva Events
  2. Fonteva for Associations
  3. Fonteva for Higher Education
  4. BidPal
  5. Mogli SMS
  6. Luminate CRM
  7. CleanCRM
  8. MapAnything
  9. Invoca
  10. RO ReferenceView
  11. DocuSign
  12. Clicktools
  13. Campaign Calendar
  14. GridBuddy
  15. FedEx Shipping App

These top apps fall across a variety of categories and industries, so no matter what you’re using Salesforce for, we guarantee that these solutions can help you achieve your goals!

But if you’re specifically looking for hints on how to use Salesforce to manage events, we recommend taking a look at this helpful post first! Once you’ve mastered event management, come back to discover everything else that your CRM can do.

Top Salesforce Apps from Fonteva

Fonteva Events is the best Salesforce app for event management.

1. Fonteva Events: Best Salesforce App for Event Management

Salesforce App Overview

Designed to streamline any and all events, from multi-day conferences to meetings and training courses, Fonteva Events is an end-to-end event management solution built for Salesforce.

With Fonteva, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your events in one user-friendly interface. Not only will you have full control over all of your crucial event logistics, you’ll also have plenty of flexibility when it comes to:

  • Event registration. Completely customize every part of the registration process! Add multiple sessions and tracks each with their own capacities and waitlists, build and attach forms to capture important attendee data, and even offer merchandise or additional donation opportunities at checkout.
  • Event ticket pricing. Maximize event revenue by providing a variety of ticket prices. Offer automatic member discounts, group pricing, or limited promotions that instantly sell out once you’ve hit your pre-set capacity.
  • Attendee management. Give guests the power to build their own event agendas and customize their event experience during and after registration. With Fonteva, you can also tailor the event experience based on guest type so that members (or other VIPs) have special permissions and access.

At Fonteva, we know how important it is to plan an event that matches your strategy and goals; that’s why we let you customize your event planning experience from start to finish!

Use Salesforce's custom fields feature to file event survey results in your CRM.

Why This Salesforce App Stands Out

If you’ve ever tried to plan events in Salesforce before, you may know that the event apps and integration options can be hit-or-miss.

With Fonteva Events, you’ll have access to all of the event management tools you could ever need, without the complicated integration. In fact, since Fonteva Events is native to Salesforce, there’s no integration required at all. 

That means that instead of wasting time (and money) transferring event and Salesforce data back and forth, you can put all of your energy toward what matters most—hosting your killer event!

Learn more about native apps here!

Fonteva for Associations is the best Salesforce app for managing associations and membership organizations.

2. Fonteva for Associations: Best Salesforce App for Association Management

Salesforce App Overview

Designed to be both easy to use and comprehensive, Fonteva for Associations (formerly known as MemberNation) can be the last association management tool your team ever uses.

With a variety of modules to help streamline your efforts, Fonteva has thought of everything when it comes to membership management. Just a sample of this software’s features include:

  • Online social communities for members. In an online interface that echoes popular social media platforms, your members will be able to communicate with each other using Chatter, share and collaborate on documents, and endorse one another for skills and expertise.
  • Revenue management. Get a big picture view of your organization’s revenue using Fonteva’s accounting tools. Track transactions, process payments, deliver refunds, and easily generate financial reports without the need for third-party accounting software.
  • Built-in eStore. Quickly build out an online shopping experience your members will love. Allow members to add additional donations or merchandise purchases onto their dues payments, and process transactions in your choice of 50+ payment gateways.

With Fonteva’s intuitive platform, you’ll be able to view all member interactions on one screen; that way, you’ll have quick access to all the different angles of association management.

Fonteva for Associations' dashboards can give you a snapshot of your entire membership organization in one screen.

Why This Salesforce App Stands Out

For such a robust set of association management features, you might be wondering if this platform will cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, the pricing for Fonteva for Associations is simple and transparent!

Your organization won’t have to worry about upgrade costs, integration fees, or additional licenses; instead, you’ll pay a one-time fee when implementing Fonteva for Associations. 

Not to mention, as a cloud-based solution, Fonteva requires no hardware, and there’s also no software to install or maintain on your end.

Fonteva for Higher Education is the best Salesforce app for alumni management.

3. Fonteva for Higher Education: Best Salesforce App for Alumni Management

Salesforce App Overview

Fonteva for Higher Education, formerly known as AlumniNation, provides best-in-class alumni management tools directly within your Salesforce CRM.

With Fonteva’s innovative solution, you can stay on top of all of the different components that contribute to successful alumni management. In addition to a high-powered alumni membership CRM, you’ll also have access to features such as:

  • Online alumni communities. Promote communication and collaboration by building out dynamic online communities for your alumni as well as other key stakeholders. You’ll even be able to customize your community’s look and feel with simple point-and-click configuration.
  • Chapters and committees. Create private online groups to manage alumni chapters, committees, and even your board! Within these permission-based communities, members will be able to share important information, documents, and calendars seamlessly.
  • Fundraising campaigns. A major facet of alumni engagement, online fundraising is essential. Thanks to Fonteva, it’s also easy! You can manage single, recurring, and pledged donations online, view alumni giving histories, track campaign progress, and nurture key prospects all through your CRM.

And don’t worry—all of Fonteva’s key features are available on mobile devices, so you can manage your alumni efforts whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Additionally, for more information about membership CRMs, check out Fonteva’s comprehensive guide that covers everything from shopping for a tool to setting up your membership levels.

Why This Salesforce App Stands Out

Fonteva for Higher Education is extremely flexible, giving you the configuration options you need to manage your alumni efforts in the most effective ways.

The best part? Unlike many complex alumni management solutions, you don’t need to be a development expert to build out a platform that works for you.

With Fonteva for Higher Education, your system is customizable through a point-and-click or drag-and-drop interface—no coding knowledge needed!

Fonteva for Higher Education enables alumni to set up their own member profiles.

Why This Salesforce App Stands Out

Fonteva for Higher Education is extremely flexible, giving you the configuration options you need to manage your alumni efforts in the most effective ways.

The best part? Unlike many complex alumni management solutions, you don’t need to be a development expert to build out a platform that works for you.

With Fonteva for Higher Education, your system is customizable through a point-and-click or drag-and-drop interface—no coding knowledge needed!

These other top Salesforce apps can enhance your company's operations.

4. BidPal: Best Salesforce App for Charity Auctions

BidPal is the best Salesforce app for charity auction management.

For nonprofits, the age-old charity auction is a classic event fundraising option no matter what your cause or campaign may be.

BidPal reinvents the wheel when it comes to auction fundraising by giving organizations access to innovative features such as: 

  • Mobile bidding to enable silent auction guests to place and automate bids through their smartphones.
  • Auction item procurement for silent, live, and online auctions.
  • Online auction capabilities to extend the event fundraising window.

Designed with fundraisers in mind, BidPal’s software can revolutionize the auction experience for guests and the nonprofit. After all, less time managing auction logistics like procurement, item tracking, and checkout means more time to interact with donors and raise necessary fundraising dollars!

5. Mogli SMS: Best Salesforce App for Mobile Messaging

Mogli SMS is the best Salesforce app for mobile messaging.

Keeping up with customers or constituents can be tough; Mogli SMS makes it easier!

Mogli SMS opens up communication lines with your Salesforce contacts by enabling two-way text messaging with any individual whose phone number is stored in your database. 

On top of that, you can use Mogli to:

  • Schedule and automate SMS campaigns through Salesforce.
  • Create and send linear and branching surveys through text.
  • Automatically store all messages within Salesforce.

And as a native Salesforce app, you can rest assured that Mogli SMS will work seamlessly with the rest of your CRM!

Luminate CRM is the best Salesforce app for nonprofit donor management and fundraising.

Speaking of nonprofits, if you’re in need of holistic nonprofit management software within your Salesforce platform, Blackbaud’s Luminate CRM is the way to go.

With comprehensive constituent management features, Luminate CRM extends the functionality of Salesforce to encompass nonprofit-specific efforts, including: 

  • Donation management for multiple gift types.
  • Major gift tracking and management.
  • Direct marketing campaign management.

Luminate CRM is a part of Blackbaud’s popular Luminate Online suite. Learn more about how these tools work together (and how they can impact nonprofit productivity and fundraising success) by reading this helpful guide from the Blackbaud consultants at DNL OmniMedia.

7. CleanCRM: Best Salesforce App for Data Upkeep

CleanCRM from ActivePrime is the best Salesforce app for data upkeep.

Chances are, your team is collecting Salesforce data from a variety of sources. That being the case, it’s all but inevitable that you’ll have some duplicates in your system. CleanCRM by ActivePrime can help you manage them!

With CleanCRM, you’ll be able to clean up your data and keep it clean using this platform’s simple automated tools to:

  • Target and identify duplicate records.
  • Merge duplicate contacts, accounts, or leads using a pre-determined master list.
  • Perform mass database edits on an automated schedule.

Without clean, complete data, your Salesforce CRM won’t be very useful, so you’ll need a system for keeping your records as pristine as possible!

8. MapAnything: Best Salesforce App for Territory Management

MapAnything is the best Salesforce app for territory management.

The industry leader in geo-productivity, MapAnything helps companies of all kinds enhance productivity by optimizing their territory management strategies.

You can leverage MapAnything’s suite of mapping tools in a variety of ways, including:

  • Territory-based reporting and data segmentation.
  • Route planning based on travel times, traffic, and weather.
  • Customer or lead identification based on region and territory.

Useful for virtually any department, from field sales to marketing, MapAnything can help you see a real-world picture of where your customers and prospects are; then, this powerful tool helps you use that intel to enhance your efforts across the board!

9. Invoca: Best Salesforce App for Call Management

Invoca is the best Salesforce app for call management.

While email and text message might seem to be the way of the future, an old fashioned phone call still goes a long way.

If your company relies on phone conversations to manage customer or lead relationships, Invoca can help you manage that data more effectively in Salesforce by giving you access to features such as:

  • Email-to-call integration to measure email success through call traffic.
  • Custom journeys based on inbound calls.
  • Full visibility into calls outcomes within customer profiles.

With Invoca, calls no longer have to be a blind spot in your marketing or sales strategy. Instead, they’ll be another invaluable piece of Salesforce data to help you move your efforts forward.

10. RO ReferenceView: Best Salesforce App for Reference Management

ReferenceView from RO Innovation is the best Salesforce app for reference management.

For many businesses, customer advocacy is a game-changer in terms of sales and marketing strategy. Maximize your customer references by taking advantage of the intuitive RO ReferenceView platform!

You’ll be able to use their complete suite of reference management tools to:

  • Compile references, including reviews, stories, and other content.
  • Measure success using custom reports.
  • Set up reference request workflows, nominations, and rewards.

RO ReferenceView makes it easy to channel your customers’ voices to drive sales and grow your business long-term. And having that power within your CRM makes this software even more appealing!

11. DocuSign: Best Salesforce App for eSignatures

DocuSign is the top Salesforce app for electronic signatures.

In today’s world, you probably handle most transactions and interactions online; that’s why you need a way to manage digital signatures securely and efficiently!

DocuSign can help expedite the eSignature process with features such as:

  • One-click signatures.
  • Real-time updates via Salesforce’s Chatter tool.
  • Negotiable, required, and permission-based signature fields.

With DocuSign, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage all of your documents online, speeding up the signature process for contracts, eliminating unnecessary paper use, and streamlining data entry for your staff.

12. ClickTools: Best Salesforce App for Feedback Management

Clicktools is the best Salesforce app for managing customer feedback in your CRM.

Clicktools aims to help your business “ditch the spreadsheets” and instead keep track of all customer feedback in a more intuitive fashion, directly in your Salesforce CRM!

With Clicktools, you’ll be able to:

  • Build simple (or advanced) customer surveys.
  • View live survey results through reports and dashboards.
  • Instantly analyze feedback through Text Insight tools.

Clicktools understands that every member of your staff can benefit from robust customer feedback, but each department will manage that information somewhat differently. With Clicktools, you can take advantage of role-based features that cater to marketing, support, sales, and other unique teams!

13. Campaign Calendar: Best Salesforce App for Campaign Management

Stay on top of your Salesforce marketing efforts with Campaign Calendar, the best Salesforce app for campaign management.

For organizations who rely on Salesforce Campaigns to manage their marketing efforts, Campaign Calendar can make tracking those projects even easier—and more effective, too!

This app enables you to build an interactive calendar within Salesforce, helping your team to:

  • Visualize your various marketing initiatives in an organized place.
  • Filter through campaigns based on existing lists.
  • Share a centralized schedule of upcoming tasks to your entire company.

And because every company manages their Salesforce campaigns in a unique way, you’ll have plenty of customization options to ensure your Campaign Calendar reflects your marketing plans, whether you’re hosting a webinar or planning a trade show!

14. GridBuddy: Best Salesforce App for User Experience

Enhance your Salesforce interface with Gridbuddy, the best Salesforce app for user experience.

If the Salesforce interface leaves your business with much to be desired, GridBuddy can help.

GridBuddy can pull all the data you need into one streamlined view for easier overall record management. Plus, you’ll have access to features like:

  • Full workspace configuration (no coding knowledge needed).
  • Permissions-based data actions.
  • Mobile access and built-in cloud storage.

When you can customize your Salesforce platform in a user-centric way, you’ll increase productivity (and your team will thank you!).

15. FedEx Shipping App: Best Salesforce App for Shipment Management

FedEx offers the best Salesforce app for managing shipments from your business.

Businesses of all sizes can use FedEx’s trustworthy shipping app to seamlessly manage all of their shipping needs within Salesforce.

FedEx’s native Salesforce app allows you to handle every aspect of the shipping process, including:

  • Sending mail or packages to any contact stored in Salesforce.
  • Calculating rates for FedEx shipments.
  • Tracking shipments directly in your CRM.

With all of your shipping information stored in Salesforce, you’ll never worry that any data will get lost in transit!

Having a well-stocked Salesforce system means your organization will be equipped to handle any challenges that might be thrown your way. These tools should get you started—the rest is up to you!

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