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Blackthorn Events Alternatives: 10 Options To Consider

If you’re in charge of planning events for your organization, you understand the common problems and mishaps you’re bound to run into. That’s why the right tools are essential to have on your side. However, your tools can be more detrimental if they’re not properly integrated. If your staff spends time manually transferring data between […]

Linvio Events Alternatives: 10 Other Software Options

According to a recent event industry report, event management and event automation software is considered the most important technology for achieving successful outcomes at events. A majority of these organizations are specifically prioritizing event tools that easily integrate with their existing systems, such as their CRM or database. Event management software (EMS) is a technological […]

Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing for Your Event

Marketing Events create and leverage interactions between a business and its customers to promote products, services, organizations, or causes. Companies can use all types of events, online or offline, to support campaigns including conferences, fairs, seminars, webinars, galas, networking events and more.  The idea behind using events as a marketing tool is to engage consumers […]

Event Management Software: Our Top Reviews, Ranked! [2019]

Whether you’re an association or a nonprofit organization, planning and managing an event takes time and energy. From deciding what kind of an event to host to organizing ticket sales to generating post-event reports, is it possible to do it all? Events are a great way for you to engage with your members and build […]

How to Use In-Person Tactics to Create Engaging Virtual Events

Over the years there has been concern that virtual events would cannibalize in-person events. However, while the number of virtual events many organizations are hosting on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis has grown, in-person events have not disappeared. There are certain aspects of in-person events that will always function differently when attempted to be […]

5 Essential Steps for Planning Your Fundraising Event

Planning a large-scale event can be daunting, especially for the inexperienced. But fundraising events are extremely important for a nonprofit’s success. Besides serving as a major source of revenue, fundraising events give you an opportunity to engage directly with your donors and form long-lasting relationships. Events are a great way to maintain member engagement, which […]