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Top 7 Cvent Competitors You Haven’t Considered (But Need To!)

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A popular event management solution for organizations with extensive event planning needs, Cvent might be the first option you see when you begin your search for an event management platform—but it shouldn’t be the last!

All software has its pros and cons, so before you settle on your selection, it’s important that you survey all of your options. If your event planning team doesn’t have time to spend shopping around, don’t sweat; we’ve already done the hard work for you.

Here, we’ll go through our picks for the top 7 Cvent competitors (including a bonus option):

    1. Fonteva Events
    2. Picatic
    3. Hubb
    4. OneCause
    5. FellowshipOne
    6. Eventable
    7. Doubleknot

While each of these platforms are similar to Cvent, they also have their own specific advantages to help take your upcoming event to the next level.

You can learn more about why Cvent might not be the best choice for your organization by reading our post on the limitations of using Cvent with Salesforce. You might be surprised what you find out!

Now, let’s dive into the reviews to find out which event management app is right for you.

Fonteva Events is an all-in-one Cvent competitor with robust event management tools.

1. Top Cvent Competitor: Fonteva Events

An all-in-one Salesforce event management solution, Fonteva Events can be your organization’s partner for every part of the event planning experience. This powerhouse platform can transform your approach to:

  • Logistics management. Stay on top of venues, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and vendors without leaving Salesforce.
  • Guest management. Tackle ticketing and registration, build out attendee schedules, track RSVPs, and create and edit waitlists as needed.
  • eCommerce and donation management. Set up online storefronts to sell merchandise and accept online donations with guaranteed secure payment processing.
  • Event analytics. Run custom reports and design your event dashboard using Fonteva’s incredibly user-friendly interface.

As a native Salesforce application, Fonteva seamlessly connects to your CRM, absolutely no integration required. Unlike non-native Salesforce apps, which require manual data updates and transfers to stay up-to-date, Fonteva always provides a clear, complete picture of your Salesforce and event data, all in one centralized location!

Here’s a quick tutorial on the Fonteva Events system’s event builder process:

How It Compares to Cvent

Like Cvent, Fonteva Events is a comprehensive event planning solution, with a variety of tools to smooth out event planning, marketing, execution, and follow-up. Plus, Fonteva works well for any type of event, whether it be a one-off meeting, multi-day conference, training course, or anything else your organization needs to put together.

However, Fonteva stands out from the crowd since its unlimited features and event planning options are all available for one flat fee per year. Fonteva also provides 3 free upgrades to your event management software, so you don’t have to worry about those hidden fees creeping up later on.

Fonteva Events is the top Cvent competitor for any type of event.

Other Cvent Competitors to Consider

Picatic is a Cvent competitor that can help your organization plan events online.

2. Cvent Competitor: Picatic

A web-based event management solution, Picatic can put your organization on the path to event success with its many different features, including:

  • Customizable event pages on the Picatic site where you can upload photos, videos, and important event details.
  • Email tools to send invites and updates to potential ticket buyers or guests.
  • Flexible ticket pricing options, including custom discount or access codes.
  • Registration widget to sell tickets on your own webpage or blog, with no redirection to the Picatic site.

While Picatic offers a free Basic package with the most essential event planning tools, organizations with complex event needs should likely opt for Picatic’s Pro or Enterprise solutions. 

These more powerful platforms provide greater flexibility and a wider range of features to ensure that event planning pros are equipped with the most advanced tools and the highest level of support from the Picatic team.

How It Compares to Cvent

Picatic is a lightweight event management alternative that’s ideal for organizations who don’t need the full functionality of software like Cvent.

Similar to Eventbrite, Picatic is a web-based platform. While you can access all of its tools online, you can also integrate Picatic Pro with Salesforce to take a look at your event alongside your Salesforce data.

Picatic is a top Cvent competitor for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Cvent competitor Hubb is a comprehensive event management solution with dedicated content management tools.

3. Cvent Competitor: Hubb

An event management platform designed for meetings and conferences, Hubb can help your event planning team stay on top of tasks, manage workflows, and focus on what matters—making your next event the best it can be! With Hubb, your team gains access to features such as:

  • Content management tools to help planners coordinate with event speakers.
  • Attendee schedule builder and built-in social features to share agendas easily.
  • Exhibitor and sponsor self-management tools.
  • Intuitive staff calendars with automatic conflict notifications to avoid double-booking.

Known as “event technology by event planners for event planners,” Hubb has thought of almost everything that event managers need to produce successful events. 

But if you’re not sure if Hubb is right for your organization, you can take their software on a test drive with their free trial option!

How It Compares to Cvent

Hubb focuses on streamlining and automating the event experience. Their users report that not only is Hubb easy to navigate; it’s also easy to implement.

That means your team won’t waste too much time in training and trying to figure out how to make the most of Hubb’s software. Instead, you’ll quickly be able to dive in and utilize the many features this platform houses.

Hubb is a Cvent competitor for organizing meetings and events.

OneCause is a Cvent competitor geared toward charity auctions and other fundraising events.

4.  Cvent Competitor: OneCause

Though this software was designed for nonprofits raising funds through charity auctions, OneCause is comprehensive enough to cover any event fundraising needs. When you work with web-based event management software from OneCause, you’ll have access to versatile features such as:

  • Online ticketing and RSVP management.
  • Flexible auction checkout tools and payment processing.
  • Online and in-person auction management and mobile bidding.
  • Social sharing and online event promotion.

Plus, OneCause stands out from a number of similar platforms thanks to its all-inclusive pricing, which allows fundraisers to manage multiple events per year for no extra fee.

How It Compares to Cvent

Unlike Cvent, OneCause comes with fundraising-specific tools that can strongly benefit event planners hoping to turn a profit for their charity, university, or other nonprofit organization.

That being the case, the team at OneCause has really thought through a number of innovative ways to streamline typically chaotic fundraising events, particularly silent auctions. Your guests can take advantage of revolutionary mobile bidding tools by OneCause to automate bids, instantly checkout and pay for their items, and even make additional donations.

The best part? Because guests will spend less time in checkout and registration lines, they can spend more time engaging with your event, making more donations, and enjoying their night at the auction—it’s a win, win, win!

OneCause is a Cvent competitor that helps nonprofits plan more profitable charity auctions.

FellowshipOne is a leading Cvent competitor for churches.

5. Cvent Competitor: FellowshipOne

As a premier church event management system, FellowshipOne offers congregations of all sizes an effective suite of tools perfectly suited to the specific needs of churches. These tools include:

  • Check-in tools with easy visitor follow-up and assimilation features
  • Advanced church data management to provide every aspect of your ministry with important insights
  • Communication tools customized to match the style and tone of your message
  • Mobile optimized management software for easy access
  • Family and individual views for attendees and congregants

As a comprehensive by user-friendly management platform, FellowshipOne is the perfect solution for churches looking to streamline their events.

Contact FellowshipOne to learn more about its features and to request a custom quote.

How It Compares to Cvent

Full of tools designed specifically for churches, FellowshipOne is an ideal solution because it won’t require your team to settle for features that don’t quite fit your needs.

Plus, FellowshipOne prioritizes user-friendly experience. There’s no steep learning curve here! Get started planning and managing your next event quickly without needing to spend a week or more simply learning how each tool works.

FellowshipOne is a leading Cvent competitor for churches to plan and manage their events.

Eventable is a leading Cvent alternative for planning events and sending reminders.

6. Cvent Competitor: Eventable

By focusing on getting your updates seen, Eventable is the perfect management tool to boost attendance and engagement!

Eventable offers a suite of effective event management tools, but their diverse offerings will benefit your events in all kinds of ways! Eventable’s features include:

  • Event notification integrations with all major calendar apps
  • Customized notifications, dynamic updates, and location-based targeting
  • Smart ‘add to calendar’ buttons for your websites and event pages
  • Email capture tools to capture leads and sync them to your CRM
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard and reports

Eventable gives you exactly the tools you need to reach mobile audiences faster than ever. Plus, its extensive management, tracking, and reporting tools make it a smart choice for events of practically any type or size.

How It Compares to Cvent

Unlike daunting packages of heavy-duty event management software, Eventable is designed to work seamlessly alongside the tools that you already rely on.

By integrating with your CRM, email tools, calendars, marketing software, and more, Eventable is an incredibly streamlined choice. The Eventable software is also highly customizable, too, so you can even create your own ultimate set of event management tools.

Save your team time and resources by using a platform like Eventable that won’t slow you down as you plan your next big event.

Eventable is a leading Cvent alternative for all kinds of organizations to plan their events.

Doubleknot is a Cvent competitor for zoos, museums, and other community-focused nonprofits.

7. Cvent Competitor: Doubleknot

Doubleknot is a full-service event management solution provider offering event registration, booking, admissions, and fundraising tools specifically for the following types of organizations:

  • Zoos and aquariums.
  • Museums, science centers, and nature centers.
  • Camps, retreat centers, and conference centers.
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout councils.

If your organization falls into one of those categories, Doubleknot can outfit your event planning team with everything you need to create programs and events that keep guests coming back!

How It Compares to Cvent

Though less all-encompassing than Cvent, for organizations with highly specific event management needs, Doubleknot can’t be beat.

Like Cvent, Doubleknot also offers plenty of integration options and support to ensure it connects with the software you’re already using. 

And if your CRM or other software doesn’t have a pre-developed integration, Doubleknot will work with you personally to provide a unique connection that keeps your data centralized and always up-to-date.

Doubleknot is a Cvent competitor that can specifically help zoos, museums, camps and other specific types of nonprofits, plan programs and events more easily.

Dryfta is a Cvent competitor for academia and nonprofits.

BONUS Cvent Competitor: Dryfta

Dryfta makes it easy to set up a website, track expenses, collect & manage submissions and assign reviewers, set ticket pricing and discounts, manage sponsors and exhibitors, and much more. This software does it all and in one spot! With Dryfta, users can:
  • Sell tickets & collect registration fees online with custom registration workflow
  • Collect abstract submissions with simple & advanced workflows
  • Create a program with drag & drop event scheduler
  • Run attendees engagement platform with on-demand videos & live meetings
  • AI-assisted matchmaking, instant messaging & meeting scheduler tools

Dryfta is the all-in-one tool you need to manage your academic event that allows comprehensive control without overwhelming complexity.

How it compares to Cvent

Compared to Cvent, Dryfta focuses more on increasing audience engagement with its community-oriented event management platform. Plus, Dryfta sets itself apart as a specialized, all-inclusive event management software for academia & nonprofits.

Dryfta is a Cvent competitor that can specifically help academia and non-profit organizations run events seamlessly with an all-in-one solution

Now that you’re familiar with these excellent Cvent competitors, it’s time to get started planning your best event ever.

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Ready to learn how Fonteva can help your events? Come take a quick tour to find out!

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