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Top Cvent Competitors You Haven’t Considered (But Need To!)

Check out these Cvent alternatives!

A popular event management solution for organizations with extensive event planning needs, Cvent might be the first option you see when you begin your search for an event management platform—but it shouldn’t be the last!

All software has its pros and cons, but before you settle on your selection, it’s important that you survey all of your options. If your event planning team doesn’t have time to spend shopping around, don’t sweat; we’ve already done the hard work for you.

Here, we’ll go through our picks for the top 5 Cvent competitors:

  1. Fonteva Events
  2. Picatic
  3. Hubb
  4. Qgiv
  5. EventCollab

While each of these platforms are similar to Cvent, they also have their own specific advantages to help take your upcoming event to the next level.

You can learn more about why Cvent might not be the best choice for your organization by reading our post on the limitations of using Cvent with Salesforce. You might be surprised what you find out!

Now, let’s dive into the reviews to find out which event management app is right for you.

Fonteva Events is an all-in-one Cvent competitor with robust event management tools.

1. Top Cvent Competitor: Fonteva Events

Product Overview

An all-in-one Salesforce event management solution, Fonteva Events can be your organization’s partner for every part of the event planning experience. This powerhouse platform can transform your approach to:

  • Logistics management. Stay on top of venues, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and vendors without leaving Salesforce.
  • Guest management. Tackle ticketing and registration, build out attendee schedules, track RSVPs, and create and edit waitlists as needed.
  • eCommerce and donation management. Set up online storefronts to sell merchandise and accept online donations with guaranteed secure payment processing.
  • Event analytics. Run custom reports and design your event dashboard using Fonteva’s incredibly user-friendly interface.

As a native Salesforce application, Fonteva seamlessly connects to your CRM, absolutely no integration required. Unlike non-native Salesforce apps, which require manual data updates and transfers to stay up-to-date, Fonteva always provides a clear, complete picture of your Salesforce and event data, all in one centralized location!

How It Compares to Cvent

Like Cvent, Fonteva Events is a comprehensive event planning solution, with a variety of tools to smooth out event planning, marketing, execution, and follow-up. Plus, Fonteva works well for any type of event, whether it be a one-off meeting, multi-day conference, training course, or anything else your organization needs to put together.

However, Fonteva stands out from the crowd since its unlimited features and event planning options are all available for one flat fee per year. Fonteva also provides 3 free upgrades to your event management software, so you don’t have to worry about those hidden fees creeping up later on.

Other Cvent Competitors to Consider

Picatic is a Cvent competitor that can help your organization plan events online.

2. Picatic

Product Overview

A web-based event management solution, Picatic can put your organization on the path to event success with its many different features, including:

  • Customizable event pages on the Picatic site where you can upload photos, videos, and important event details.
  • Email tools to send invites and updates to potential ticket buyers or guests.
  • Flexible ticket pricing options, including custom discount or access codes.
  • Registration widget to sell tickets on your own webpage or blog, with no redirection to the Picatic site.

While Picatic offers a free Basic package with the most essential event planning tools, organizations with complex event needs should likely opt for Picatic’s Pro or Enterprise solutions. 

These more powerful platforms provide greater flexibility and a wider range of features to ensure that event planning pros are equipped with the most advanced tools and the highest level of support from the Picatic team.

How It Compares to Cvent

Picatic is a lightweight event management alternative that’s ideal for organizations who don’t need the full functionality of software like Cvent.

Similar to Eventbrite, Picatic is a web-based platform. While you can access all of its tools online, you can also integrate Picatic Pro with Salesforce to take a look at your event alongside your Salesforce data.

Cvent competitor Hubb is a comprehensive event management solution with dedicated content management tools.

3. Hubb

Product Overview

An event management platform designed for meetings and conferences, Hubb can help your event planning team stay on top of tasks, manage workflows, and focus on what matters—making your next event the best it can be! With Hubb, your team gains access to features such as:

  • Content management tools to help planners coordinate with event speakers.
  • Attendee schedule builder and built-in social features to share agendas easily.
  • Exhibitor and sponsor self-management tools.
  • Intuitive staff calendars with automatic conflict notifications to avoid double-booking.

Known as “event technology by event planners for event planners,” Hubb has thought of almost everything that event managers need to produce successful events. 

But if you’re not sure if Hubb is right for your organization, you can take their software on a test drive with their free trial option!

How It Compares to Cvent

Hubb focuses on streamlining and automating the event experience. Their users report that not only is Hubb easy to navigate; it’s also easy to implement.

That means your team won’t waste too much time in training and trying to figure out how to make the most of Hubb’s software. Instead, you’ll quickly be able to dive in and utilize the many features this platform houses.

Qgiv is a Cvent competitor designed for nonprofits planning fundraising events.

4. Qgiv

Product Overview

Built specifically for nonprofits hosting peer-to-peer fundraising events, Qgiv is a one-of-a-kind event management and on-site donation tool. Qgiv’s straightforward platform equips your team with all of the following:

  • Drag-and-drop registration form builder with impactful customization options.
  • Widgets, thermometers, badges, and other gamification tools to ensure your guests are in on the fun.
  • Custom email and social sharing options to streamline marketing efforts.
  • Interactive dashboards and custom reports to track individual and overall fundraising success.

Because it was built with fundraising in mind, Qgiv’s feature set is strategically designed to boost your revenue and guarantee peer-to-peer participant success.

To make sure you don’t lose your way, Qgiv also provides extensive support and resources for your event fundraising team. After all, your success is their success!

How It Compares to Cvent

While Qgiv doesn’t have the wide array of event management tools that some platforms (like Cvent) come with, its uncomplicated interface is the perfect fit for organizations who rely on peer-to-peer events like walkathons or bike rides.

Qgiv also comes stocked with a full set of additional fundraising tools you can take advantage of during your fundraiser, from mobile giving to on-site donation kiosks and more. And when you work with Qgiv, your organization will always have access to unlimited events, registration forms, and users—no extra fees necessary!

EventCollab is a Cvent competitor with project and event management features.

5. EventCollab

Product Overview

A one-stop event management resource, EventCollab can help your event planning team stay on track together with tools such as:

  • Integrated documents stored in the cloud for easy, universal access.
  • Collaborative discussion tools so that your team can instantly connect with each other or outside parties (such as vendors or contractors).
  • Simple permissions to keep certain tasks, documents, or projects on a need-to-know basis.
  • Optimized interface for ease of use on mobile or desktop devices.

EventCollab’s simple (but powerful!) platform will seamlessly connect all of your team members’ tasks and projects so that you have a unified vision for your upcoming event. 

You can try EventCollab for free by signing up for their Lite Plan, which powers your team for up to 3 active events.

How It Compares to Cvent

With a greater focus on project management and team communication, EventCollab is a smart choice for expansive event planning teams (such as those with a number of contracted or remote staff).

Another advantage to using EventCollab? You can scale your solution depending on your needs, meaning that EventCollab can be the perfect solution whether you’re planning one small meeting or multiple conferences. (And you’ll only pay for what you need!)

Now that you’re familiar with these excellent Cvent competitors, it’s time to get started planning your best event ever.

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